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August 17, 2009


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Working in the yard, I have cut myself deeply, bleeding profusely, and torn a handful of comfrey, chewed it to a rough, green-juicy pulp while applying pressure to the wound, packed it onto the cut, then wrapped it tightly with a length of gauze. A day later, intending to replace the gauze and pulverized comfrey (this time, two-handed in a mortar and pestle)I removed the dressing and pulpy mass to find a closed wound (very green from plant juice) which I redressed with comfrey, bound up and left to heal. The wound closed beautifully. I can't find the scar.

I've also taken comfrey in a powdered-herb combination called B(one), F(lesh) and C(cartilage) , a Dr. John Christopher formula, after a deep tissue injury from a falling, pointed fence post. Long-lasting bruises are my usual complexion, and this one was gone in a week. My liver has been just fine, if not, perhaps, a little more nourished for the minerals and vitamins in the encapsulated formula. (The comfrey-liver damage connection was done with excessive amounts of the active ingredients in comfrey, I have learned from herbal healing mentors.)

Lastly, when I tragically ran over the leg of my young son with our large van, and medical attention put a half-cast to hold the leg during healing (and nearly forgot to clean the wounds themselves), my dear, dear healing mentor provided me with buckets of fresh comfrey leaves. We pulverized these in a blender with olive oil, spread the mixture on gauze, applied it to his deeply bruised tissue and torn skin, reapplying daily for about a week.

He walked in one week, with a limp. Two weeks later, doing injury show-and-tell, few could imagine he had actually sustained the injury we described.

On the way to the hospital, incidentally, this little boy cried out through his pitiful wails, "Jesus, help me!"

I say He did. Comfrey was the godsend.


Wow! I did not know that! I'm glad you shared. Thank you so much.

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