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February 21, 2011


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Haha... I guess I would have to say my favourite thing to do was to think up ideas. I was forever coming up with plans, plans, plans. Making a newspaper, putting together a penny carnival, creating a haunted house, choreographing dances, inventing outlandish stories to act out with my siblings... the list goes on and on. Most of them I never finished, but, oh, did I have fun in the planning! :)


I remember you had the best ideas Jen! I remember how fun you were and still are! Is it still your favorite pastime?

Cat Charissage

My favorite pastime was reading Nancy Drew mystery stories. My parents would only let me buy one about every 3 weeks or month, but they could be consumed in a lovely few hours! I always felt Nancy Drew deprived!! At the Catholic school I went to, we were taught that in heaven we would have whatever it was that made us happiest, and for me, I knew exactly what that was: a very comfy chair, and on one side a never-ending supply of new Nancy Drew mysteries, and on the other, a never-ending supply of Coke and potato chips.


I can just picture you in heaven with your books, coke and chips...so awesome!

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