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March 14, 2011


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That's awesome, Stacy! I actually REMEMBER that incident in Young Women's with Sister Orr!

My first memories of church are cleaning up the cigarette butts off the floor of the hall we met in so we could have Primary that consisted of myself and my younger brother and sister being taught by our mom. I remember her drawing out a whole bunch of Bible stories in comic book format that we would read and then colour. My favourite was the one with Jacob wrestling with the angel and then meeting his twin brother Esau after many years and worrying that he would be angry with him, but he greeting him with a hug and tears instead.

I also remember being frustrated with not having a songbook to sing from in Primary, but unlike you, I LOVE singing in church. My favourite Sundays are the ones where we sing hymns almost the whole time! :)

My other strong memories are of when we had church at home when we lived in northern Manitoba because we were too far away from the meetinghouse to travel each week. We made the 3 hour (one way) trek once a month, but the rest of the time we had our own meetings. It was an awesome time!

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