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March 07, 2011


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My bedroom was a nook on the top floor of our old farmhouse... a gable window and the space it afforded. There were no doors on it, and my parents had to pass through on the way to their own room. However, I did make it my own with a mural of a unicorn mother and her baby on one wall, and I loved sitting on my bed, reading, takes glances out the window over the trees and fields. I have to mention that we were always inundated by bugs of various kinds, and at one time, I let a spider live in the corner of my room so he could keep the fly population down. I named him "Frankly" because "Frankly, he got rid of all those pesky flies!"

Being an old farmhouse, my room was COLD in the winter. Ice would form an inch think on the inside of my window, and when I put my glasses on in the morning, they would fog up!


I remember the cubbie off the side of your room and in your sisters. I spent many an hour playing with Barbie dolls in there. I don't remember the bugs though (thankfully).

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