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September 14, 2011


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Cat Charissage

It's very hard to eat in moderation when you have a craving that is soooooo strong. Plus once you've eaten 3/4 of the Haagen-Daas, you might as well finish it off, right?

I have found that the better I eat nutritionally, the fewer cravings I have. It's one of those circular things that if I eat better, I usually feel better and have better energy, which means I can cope with emotional upsets more easily, and in fact don't have the emotional upsets as deeply. (Steady blood sugar is a goooood thing.) The less "drama", the better I can sleep; the better I can sleep, the more energy I have to keep the kitchen clean (enough); if the kitchen is clean (enough), preparing a good meal is so much easier. Oh, and you have to have the good food in the house in the first place. That's where using food storage and preparedness practices help. I always have decent food in the house.

I think you're totally going in the right direction. I often think too much comfort or processed food is a form of self-medication. We're trying to make ourselves feel better here, right? But it's not really the right "medicine" for the hurt, but more in the order of a tall stiff drink helping the loneliness and dread. Helps in the moment. . . . but not in the long run.

Mercy. For ourselves. And others.

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