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May 28, 2012


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Kirstan O'Brien

Oh, Stacy, you're brilliant!! I miss having you in my life!

You go, girl! I'm laughing and crying right along with you!! I'm pumping my arms in the air, screaming "Whoo! Hooo!!".

You are amazing. Keep it up, my friend! That marathon is right around the corner!



NICE work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


um you are amazing!! way to go!! and you look so good !


I AM very proud of you....not surprised at all with your accomplishment. It's been a huge year for you.

I'd run a marathon with you someday ;)

...I love you!


MOST EXCELLENT!! What an exhilarating feeling, so proud of you!

Cat Charissage

What a happy happy story! Good for you!

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